Gender and Feminism in the Middle East-VT22 - Planeringar

Course introduction


This course introduces students to gender studies and provides a gender studies perspective on the Middle East and North Africa. Within the course the students will study different types of feminisms as well as the historical development and current situation of women's movements in the Middle East and North Africa. The course will also reflect on the construction of femininity and masculinity in discourses and practices.

Learning outcomes can be found in the syllabus

The course is examined on the basis of a written assignment in English of 5, maximum 6 pages – the bibliography. 

Course description
The course is divided into three main parts:

Lessons 1-2 will provide an introduction to gender studies in general and in connection with the MENA region.

Lesson 3 will complete this part with an overview of these topics in Arabic literature.

Lessons 4-6 will offer a historical overview of feminist movements in the MENA region, while exploring the construction of both femininities and masculinities in connection with the nation-state, until the recent Arab revolutions.

Lessons 7-8 will be devoted to thematic approaches to gender norms, analysing both femininities and masculinities through recent case-studies linked to conflict in the region.

Elena Chiti – [email protected]

Course Plan