Media and Change in the Middle East-VT22 - Planeringar

Course introduction


The course deals with the theories and methods of media studies, which are applied to the Middle East and North Africa specifically. The course also deals with the historical development of various media in the region up to the present. While mainly focusing on giving the students the tools for performing a media analysis, the course also gives them basic knowledge of the media landscape in the Middle East and North Africa.

Learning outcomes can be found in the syllabus.

Course description
The course is divided into two main blocks:

Lessons 1-5 will provide the student with the theoretical framework and tools of media and discourse analysis. They will be applied to the Middle Eastern and North African context.

Lessons 6-9 will offer an overview of the social history of the media in the MENA region, in order to bridge discursive and social perspectives. 

The course is examined on the basis of a written assignment in English of 5 pages (maximum 6) + the bibliography and the appendix.

Teacher Elena Chiti - [email protected]

Course Plan