Revolutions in the Middle East: Practices and Paradigms-VT22 - Planeringar

Course introduction


Teacher Elena Chiti [email protected]

Revolutions in the Middle EastPractices and Paradigms (Spring 2022)

This course intends to offer both a thematic and a chronological approach to revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa. It aims to go beyond the commonplace describing the recent revolutions as exceptions in the history of the region. At the same time, it aims to show how a range of different events can be labelled “revolutions” by different actors and how such a label is a marker of a discursive tradition. A parallel look at Arabic terms and frames will enable a critical look at those constructs.

Course description:

Lectures 1-2 will provide an introduction to theoretical approaches to revolution, social movements and social nonmovements. This theoretical framework will be enriched and discussed during the whole course, through thematical overviews of revolutionary events in the MENA.

This year’s course will be entirely devoted to the recent waves of revolutions of 2010-2011 (by looking at Tunisia and Syria as case-studies) and 2019-2021 (by looking at Algeria, Iraq, and Lebanon). The last lecture will be devoted to a methodological and ethical discussion on how to write the history of ongoing revolutions.

Please come prepared to classes. You are expected to take part in the discussions throughout the course.

Learning outcomes and form of examination can be found in the syllabus.

Course plan