Introduktion till Japanstudier-HT22 - Planeringar

Course Intro (logistics)


Introduction to studies of Japanese culture, with an emphasis on the disciplinary expertise available at the department.

Learning outcomes can be found in the syllabus.

About course literature/readings
Participants are NOT expected to buy any books. Please make use of the university library’s (=SUB’s) rich e-resources instead. Some publications that are unavailable online are uploaded to the respective “Plan” below (bibliographically indicated by the addition of [Athena]).

You are free to choose your reading with regard to your needs and interests. (A major part of the final home exam will be an academic mini-essay on an optional theme, to be developed on a case or example of your choice.) But you are asked to read at least one article, or chapter, for each session. And you are encouraged to check out the contents of the indicated edited volumes or journal issues for other articles that might meet your interest.

The file “Course Lit_JKA111.DK26_HT21.pdf” [see left side] contains an alphabetical list of all publications indicated in the Plans below.