Key Issues in Middle East Studies-HT22 - Planeringar

Course introduction


This course provides an insight into Middle East studies as an interdisciplinary practice, by highlighting its relation to various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, such as history, anthropology, sociology, and political sciences.
This relation will emerge through contemporary debates connected with Middle East studies, with particular focus on methodological discussions that hold relevance to societal and ethical issues outside academia. We will debate issues such as identity, nationalism, sectarianism, gender and patriarchy, authoritarianism, and democracy.
The purpose is to enable the students to reflect upon their own positionality and the positionality of other actors and observers when dealing with issues linked to the representations of the Middle East in our society. 

The course includes lectures and student seminars.

The group work for the seminars is the basis for the final exam, which will consist of an individual written essay. 

Lesson plan